Reference Studio AudioWeave 4K – 1.15 Gain White

The Reference Studio AudioWeave 4K is a newly developed material of no compromise. The material is specifically engineered to Reference class 1080p and 4K video and Reference audio quality, thereby satisfying both the videophile and audiophile at the same time. The perforation density exceeds 2000 holes per square inch, allowing it to exceed even the most expensive and highly-rated materials available. Each hole is only 0.0026” by 0.0035”,

allowing speakers to be mounted directly behind the material with virtually no attenuation and no comb filtering effects. The industry’s tightest weave allows the AudioWeave 4K to retain the same off axis frequency dispersion pattern of the speakers, while having only 1.8% of the entire screen surface taken up by perforations, meaning minimal light leakage, resulting in a vibrant and crisp reference image.


virtually no attenuation of speaker frequency response due to perforations exceeding 2000 holes per square inch, with hole size only 0.0026” by 0.0035”

comb filtering effects are virtually eliminated

he only audio transparent screen on the market which actually requires no equalization (others that make this claim have attenuations of about 5% at 2kHz range, but over 20% above 7kHz audio range, and almost 40% above 16kHz range - absolutely unacceptable performance and dramatically worse than EluneVision's AudioWeave)

acoustically transparent black backing included for Reference AudioWeave 4K Fixed-Frame

frequency response of speaker behind AudioWeave material follow the original frequency response of the speaker precisely only with a slightly linear attenuation

ability to place speakers 1” away from material surface

excellent off axis performance

the material, due to its superior transparency will allow 2 channel stereo music listening with no colouration

the only screen on the market today that will preserve the mid-range high frequencies


The original frequency response is a ProAC Response 1SC monitor with Classic 16.0 Tube Amplifier, using EL34 Ultralinear mode (Frequency response 8HZ-82Khz, 10W RMS) as the amplification stage. The microphone used is the Behringer ECM8000, which was calibrated prior to testing. Testing was done with 1/24 octave resolution and 20Hz speed tradeoff. The material is 12” from the speaker and 55” from the microphone, and placed in an anechoic chamber. The results demonstrate that the frequency response of the speaker is kept. It is only only slightly attenuated by less than 0.35dB across most of the audible frequency range,

and by less than 0.75dB across most of the audible frequency range when both the black backing and the material are utilized. The key part is that the attenuation is linear in nature without comb filtering)and cutting off certain frequencies. The final conclusion is that the material is very neutral and does not reshape the frequency response. The black backing is also acoustically neutral with a slight linear attenuation. These results would place the AudioWeave squarely at the very top of the acoustically transparent home theater screen material performance.


reference picture quality due to the fine weave pattern with 2000 holes per square inch, each hole only 0.0026” by 0.0035”, allowing for highest amount of detail for today's 1080p and 4K projectors released in the near future

light loss minimized due to only 1.8% of the screen surface that is perforated

lowest amount of crosstalk for active 3D Projectors due to near-perfect colour uniformity and detail clarity

weave material rotated 15 degrees to eliminate moiré

gain of 1.15, optimized for 2D and 3D imaging

formulated and tested to give maximum detail clarity and maintain perfect pixel structure with 1080P and 4K projectors

zero hot-spotting and graininess

no visible texturing, weave material cannot be seen at greater than 8’ viewing distance

perfect colour uniformity

near perfect white field uniformity

near perfect pixel accuracy

near perfect lambertian diffuser for reference image quality ensures 180 degree viewing angle for wide area seating

Fixed Frame screens include black backing, whose main function is to pass sound through and absorb the excess light that passes through the AudioWeave, enhancing contrast and ensuring no light reflection back into the screen surface

includes black backing, whose main function is to pass sound through and absorb the excess light that passes through the AudioWeave, enhancing contrast and ensuring no light reflection back into the screen surface

cleanable and fire resistant

reference level colour and contrast reproduction



Material Type: Acoustic Weave – 4K Resolution Ready – Gain: 1.15 – Half Gain: Full lambertian diffuser – Screen Types: Fixed, Tab-Tensioned – Minimum Throw Distance: 0.6 x Image Width – Ambient Light Resistance: Minimum resistance to ambient light – Ambient Light Reflectance Value: 76%/foot candle – Lay Flat Quality: Excellent – Active 3D: Yes – Passive 3D: No – Flame Resistance: Yes – Mildew Treatment: Yes – Optional Sound Perforations: Not Available – Size Limitations: See Size Charts – Edge-Blending Properties: Yes