Reference Studio 4K 100 – 1.0 Gain White Material

The Reference Studio 4K 100 material is specially designed to bring out the highest amount of details in today’s 1080p projectors and future 4K projectors. The material achieves maximum detail and resolution through having absolutely no texture to the material, thus providing the ideal projection surface. Any amount of texturing would change the geometry of the each projected pixel which, prior to the Reference Studio 4K series, has been the downfall of all but the most expensive screen materials out there.

As well as being engineered for perfect detail, the screen material is an optimal lambertian diffuser and disperses light evenly across the entire 180 degree viewing able for a smooth and even light reflection. Furthermore, the material has been extensively tested with new generation of 3D projectors to bring minimum crosstalk and maximum 3D immersion. The material is designed and optimized for environments with dark walls for maximum contrast. The material of choice when a reference level of performance is required.

Material features

tested for lowest amount of crosstalk for active 3D projectors due to perfect colour uniformity and detail clarity

1.0 gain soft white, texture-less screen surface for a finely detailed, hot spotting free, high quality image

formulated and tested to give maximum detail clarity and maintain perfect pixel structure with 1080P and 4K projectors

double-layered black backed screen material

Near perfect lambertian diffuser unity gain reference screen

near perfect white field uniformity

superior performance in environment where ambient light is controlled

lamberiant diffuser ensures 180 degree viewing angle for wide area seating

helps to minimize viewer fatigue for active 3D projection due to the ability to minimize 3D crosstalk

reference level colour and contrast reproduction

cleanable and fire resistant



Material Type: Fully Opaque Flexible Front Projection – 4K Resolution Ready – Gain: 1.0 – Half Gain: Full lambertian diffuser – Screen Types: Fixed – Minimum Throw Distance: 0.6 x Image Width – Ambient Light Resistance: Medium resistance to ambient light – Ambient Light Reflectance Value: 83%/foot candle – Lay Flat Quality: Excellent – Active 3D: Yes – Passive 3D: No – Flame Resistance: Yes – Mildew Treatment: Yes – Optional Sound Perforations: Not Available – Size Limitations: See Size Charts – Edge-Blending Properties: Yes