PureBright 4K 240 – 2.4 Gain White Material

The EluneVision PureBright 4K 240 material provides the high reflectivity, gain, and all of the advantages of a traditional glass beaded surface, without any of the drawbacks – the screen has virtually no texturing, allowing the highest gain of

all screen surfaces with no the loss of resolution for both 1080p and future 4K resolutions. Additionally, the fact that it is not glass-beaded means that the surface can be cleaned when necessary.

Material features

to give 1080P and 4K quality projection in high ambient light environments such as living rooms, conference rooms and dedicated home theater rooms where the user wants to have lights on

2.4 gain smooth screen surface for a high resolution, high quality image

no texturing, hot-spotting or sparkling

double-layered black backed screen material

superior performance in environments where ambient light cannot be controlled

helps to minimize viewer fatigue for active 3D projection due to the ability to minimize 3D crosstalk

increased brightness allows large contrast increase in 3D for projectors which use a dynamic iris (as light output can be left in cinema/high contrast mode, whereas for lower gain screens, the iris has to be disabled/minimized to allow sufficient light output of the projector, thereby lowering contrast by 3-6x)

opaque material to block light from opposite side

cleanable and fire resistant


Material Type: Fully Opaque Flexible Front Projection – Gain: 2.4 –  Viewing Angle: 100 degrees – Screen Types: Fixed –  Ambient Light Resistance: Maximum resistance to ambient light – Ambient Light Reflectance Value: 41%/foot candle – Lay Flat Quality: Excellent – Active 3D: Yes – Passive 3D: No – Flame Resistance: Yes – Mildew Treatment: Yes – Optional Sound Perforations: Not Available – Size Limitations: See Size Charts –  Edge-Blending Properties: Yes