FilmVision Flexible Rear Projection 1.0 Gain Material

FilmVision is a flexible rear projection screen material designed with a neutral density grey tint to increase contrast. The material has a very large viewing angle which is excellent for large audiences. Due to the very low 0.9x Minimum Throw Distance, the material excels in both short throw and

long throw projection light paths unlike typical rear projection materials. The material is excellent under ambient due to its very low Ambient Light Reflectance Value as well as being able to accommodate wide seating configuration. Available to sizes of up to over 300” in width.

Material features

flexible rear projection material with uniform grey tint for enhanced contrast

great in commercial environments that want both wide viewing angle and contrast boost

excellent ambient light rejection allow use in high ambient light environments

enjoy a large 120 degree viewing angle great for wide area seating

anti hot-spotting formulation

cleanable and fire resistant material



Material Type: Flexible Rear Projection Material – Gain: 1.0 – Half Gain: 60 degrees from center – Screen Types: Fixed, Motorized, Tab Tension, Fast-Fold – Minimum Throw Distance: 0.9 x Image Width – Ambient Light Resistance: Medium resistance to ambient light – Ambient Light Reflectance Value: 19%/foot candle – Lay Flat Quality: Excellent – Flame Resistance: Yes – Mildew Treatment: Yes – Optional Sound Perforations: Not Available – Size Limitations: See Size Charts – Edge-Blending Properties: Yes