Cinema Gray 1.1 Gain

This material is designed to give the projected image a contrast boost, as well as to give deeper black levels than a matte white screen. The large 160 degree viewing angle allows for a very versatile seating arrangement. In a presence of ambient light

it provides excellent black levels and contrast without a large sacrifice on the white level output. This is an excellent choice where high gain is not needed, and a large viewing angle is a must.

Material features

3-ply fiberglass reinforced material with opaque black backing

large 160 degree viewing angle perfect for wide area seating

over 20% brighter than standard matte grays

performs well in non-perfect lighting conditions by rejecting ambient light

excellent contrast and black levels

cleanable and fire resistant



Material Type: Fully Opaque Fiberglass Reinforced Front Projection – Gain: 1.1 – Half Gain: Not Applicable – Screen Types: Elara (Fixed), Luna (Motorized) – Minimum Throw Distance: 0.8 x Image Width – Ambient Light Resistance: Controlled lighting recommended – Ambient Light Reflectance Value: 67%/foot candle – Lay Flat Quality: Excellent – Flame Resistance: Yes – Mildew Treatment: Yes – Optional Sound Perforations: Not Available – Size Limitations: See Size Charts – Edge-Blending Properties: Yes